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Who We Are

Kudla Surf is India’s first #pakka Indian Surf Brand designed for and targeted to all Indian surfers and non surfers alike.

It is pakka surf gear for pakka surfers!

As well as being a surf brand, supplying clothing and accessories, Kudla Surf is also a lifestyle brand promoting healthy living, outdoor fun, a love of the ocean and environment. We are proud to supply surf gear, casual surf wear and accessories to the new Indian cool and all those that are passionae about the water and our amazing aquatic playground and hugely diverse range of sports and activities we can do!

Kudla Surf is also a vehicle for empowerment. Through Kudla Surf and sales of product, profits will be invested into progressing and developing the Indian surf and whole aquatic industries for a better, stronger, brighter, safer and sustainable spectrum of sports and industries.

Together with our partner businesses, we feel privileged and that it is our dharma to provide community and social programs to help empower groups less fortunate and those who do not have the means to financially pay for learning to surf and becoming involved in the surf and aquatic sports that are starting to rapidly grow.


Our focus.

We understand aquatic sports and aquatic sports athletes. We know quality. We know what works.
Best Prices

We aim to have the highest quality products, affordable to all our #pakka Kudla Surfers

Great Designs

Kudla Surf products will be prodcued with great designs that are functional and work

Kudla Surf T-shirts for Surfers
Lifestyle Brand

Aquatic athlete or not, we are a lifestyle brand for everyone who loves adventure!

Great gear

Great gear means happy athletes! We want to set our thrill seekers up with gear they love and trust!

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Kudla Surf in detail

We want to supply you the gear that will make you the best you can be!


Kudla Surf will stock and supply an expanding range of comfortable cool active and lifestyle wear in great designs! Also, Kudla Surf will supply Quality Uniform, Accessories and Equipment to business’ and organisations in India and throughout the world


Kudla Surf Leashes

Soon, we will have our own range of accessories with Kudla Surf Leashes being the priority of first available product


Growing Range of Accessories

After leashes we want to expand our range to Kudla Surf Deck Pads but also much more! There are exciting times ahead.


We are for all Aquatic Sports!

We want to provide for all aquatic sports including surfing, SUP and prone paddling, the wing sports, foiling, kayaking, body surfing and of course to those that just love to be at the beach or aquatic environment!



We understand your requirement and provide quality works.

Our Indica Surf School prides itself on offering the most professional comprehensive surf lessons packed full of information and heaps of fun for everyone. To do this, we need gear we can depend on. We look using Kudla Surf products and rely on them to help us offer the highest quality programs we can!


Mulki, Karnataka