About Us

While at the core we are surfers, we have a passion for all aquatic sports and want to support all aquatic athletes with great gear. We want you, our Kudla Crew, to have access to great clothing, great accessories for all sports and a platform to help support you in your quest for being the aquatic athlete you can be.

Being with the water, on the beach, in the ocean, on the river or in the surf, we all share a relaxed lifestyle and laid back mindset. This is our vibe, this is who we are. Our range of clothing wants to embrace this relaxed, adventurous but laid back mentality so you can feel proud to be part of the Kudla Crew.

Not only do we want to have these available for you, but we want to have them affordable for everyone, so whatever your age, job, social standing, we want you to be able to live and love life with Kudla Surf!

Kudla Surf is passionate about the aquatic environment and the amazing benefits, fun and times we can all have and share doing something in our around the ocean or water. There are so many options with of course surfing but also there is stand up paddling, prone paddling, foiling, kayaking, the new wing sports, swimming, body surfing and even for those that do not want to get in the water, being around the water draws amazing benefits!

We love to try new things, love to get into the new sports and ever expanding environment of things to do on and in the aquatic environment.

Our Aquatic Playground is something for us all to cherish and we want to equip you with the best gear to get you enjoying it to the max.