The Kudla Surf Mission

The Kudla Surf mission is multi faceted.

We want to see the Indian aquatic and aquatic sports industry flourish and power forward!

We want to help be a driving force to propel the whole aquatic and aquatic sports industry forward in India. Working together and in conjunction with others in these industries that share the same goal, we want all the sports and activities to flourish and prosper.

We want to support the industries to help them develop and grow so we can increase the numbers in the sport, increase the awareness and understanding of the sports and increase the level throughout. Building the number of particpants at the grass roots beginner levels all the way through to developing more and more advanced and elite aquatic sports athletes that are looked up to by Indians all over Indian and have an ever increasing number of elite Indian athletes competing on the world stage, at the world level and becoming a force in the sports!

We want to help the process of elevating our sports through to the same passionate following, exposure and passionate support that cricket has India wide.

We also want to provide our industry with surf and aquatic products, clothing and accessories that come from an Indian company and more and more have the manufacturing of these products move to India! As an industry we want and we need very good quality products that are available at reasonable and affordable prices for all of our participants and athletes, and have them readily easily available.

Also, importantly we want to develop, build and grow professionally trained, skilled and qualified aquatic rescue personnel. We want to be the driving force behind getting teams of competent, confident and skilled local personnel in areas to be able to provide safe and successful rescue opertions – whether on the beaches as professional lifeguards, simply as skilled rescuers able to provide assistance if and when necessary and of course to have teams trained and equipped to provide emergency assistance during monsoon season and times of flooding. The sole aim of this is to reduce dorwnings, reduce and eliminate unnecessary deaths to improve the safety around the water and aquatic environments. 

Another major part of our mission, and a pivotal factor in the establishment of Kudla Surf, is another vehicle to help support and grow the WoW Jokul program and help empower Indians, offering them brighter futures through the various aquatic sports.

By supporting Kudla Surf and purchasing our products, you are helping us accomplish our Kudla Surf Mission.

You will directly be helping provide disadvantaged and underprivilegded youth with a brighter future.

You will also be helping us support, promote, grow and develop the Indian aquatic sports industries!

🙏🏼🙏🏼 Thank you 🙏🏼🙏🏼