Kudla Tribe

Our Kudla Tribe are adventurous; they are passionate; they love the outdoors; they love trying new things; they love the aquatic environment; they are healthy and fit; they love exciting active things; they love to be involved in extreme sports; they are relaxed and laid back but at the same time driven and motivated to be the best they can be; they strive to improve themselves, learn new skills and become competent in more abilities; they are wanting to excel; they are fun loving, energetic and friendly; they are optimistic; they are always looking to squeeze in any extreme activity or sport that they can fit into their lives as often as they can; they respect the earth, they respect the ocean and waters, they respect others.

Our tribe are good people – fun, energetic and exciting people!

Our Kudla Tribe loves life and lives life. They love to get the maximum out of life in every waking moment, living life to the fullest!

Does this sound like you?

If any of this sounds like you, you are one of us, you are part of our Kudla Tribe, part of our crew. You are who we have started Kudla Surf for!

Whether it is surfing, stand up paddling, prone paddling, foiling, one of the wing sports, kayaking, body surfing or simply enjoying being in and around the aquatic environment, we want you to love using our products.

You are one of us!

You are one of our Kudla Tribe.

We want to get you in great surf and leisure wear for our relaxed beach and water lifestyle.

We want you to have gear that you can use that you can be assured of great quality and doing what it is supposed to do!

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