Pakka Gear


India is still very new to the surf, stand up paddling, surf sports and aquatic sports industries. While we do have access to some surf and aquatic gear, often times it is not very good, not good quality, not what we as surfers and aquatic enthusiasts want or very expensive.

We want to change that. We want to have high quality gear for all of us Indian surfers and water sports participants. We also want to have those that maybe don’t participate in any of our sports but share the same mindset of easy going beach and water lifestyle be able to have quality gear that they can buy and wear as well.

As much as possible, we will be sourcing from India and only ordering offshore when we cannot source the products or the quality products in India. For these unavailable products, we will be actively trying to encourage Indian manufacturers to being producing them.

Our offerings initially will only be small but as we develop and grow, so will our range. Starting out with a small range of clothing and then moving into a small range of surf accessories, we have big dreams of a far larger range in the coming years ahead.

Our commitment is to provide high quality pakka gear for pakka Indian surfers, paddlers and water sports participants.